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Fitur Dan Spesifikasi:

Product Parameter:

Product Size(mm) : 355*175*210

Housing Material :Iron Shell

Shell Color :Cream Color

Packing (mm) :400*220*285

Product Weight: 10.6Kg

Prioduct Gross weight: 11.35Kg


Technical Parameter:

DC24V-AC220V,1000W/1500VA: GH-HB1000

Power Output(W) :200W

Voltage at Pmax:36.8V

Open Circuit Voltage(V): 44V

Short Circuit Voltage:6.06A

Maximum System Voltage(V):1000VDC

Connect Array: 5 PCS in Parallel

Solar Panel Power range(advise):400W-1000W

Controller input range :DC30V-DC50V

Recommended Rated Voltage of input :DC36V

Charging Current :30A

Effeciency : 96% (Max)

Rated Output power : 1KW/1.5KWA

DC input voltage :24VDC

Rated Output voltage :220±10%

Output Frequency :50Hz±0.5Hz

Working Efficiency :>85%

Output wave : Pure Sine Wave(THD≤5%)

Battery type :LifePo4 Battery

Capacity :24V/25AH*1(Max:600WH)

Installation Method : Build Inside the case